Call For Papers

The emergence of Technology as a ubiquitous platform for innovations has laid the foundation for the rapid growth of the Information. The 4th International Conference on Information and Communications Technology 2021 (4th ICOIACT 2021) will be conducted as a virtual conference (online) from 30 to 31 August 2021.
The purpose of the 4th ICOIACT 2021 is to promote discussion and interaction among academics, researchers and professionals in the field of Technologies and Information Engineering.
This conference provides an international forum for the presentation and showcase of recent advances on various aspects of ubiquitous technology. It will reflect the state-of-the-art of the methods, involving theory, algorithm, numerical simulation, error and uncertainty analysis and/or novel application of new processing techniques in engineering, science, and other disciplines related to ubiquitous computing. In this conference, several topics on the specific themes for intensive discussions are also planned according to the areas of interest. The 4th ICOIACT 2021 will include presentations of contributed papers.

Papers from the previous ICOIACT 2018 until 2020 have been published in IEEE Xplore and indexed in Scopus:


“The Role of AI in Health and Social Revolution in Turbulence Era”

On behalf of the committee, we proudly announce to you that Universitas AMIKOM Yogyakarta is going to organize International Conference on Information and Communications Technology (ICOIACT) will be conducted as a virtual conference (online) from 30 to 31 August 2021.The conference is organized by Universitas AMIKOM Yogyakarta and the technical co-sponsored by IEEE Student Branch, Universitas AMIKOM Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The theme of this year’s ICOIACT is “The Role of AI in Health and Social Revolution in Turbulence Era”. The conference will strengthen the collaboration and provide a forum for academicians, professionals, and researchers to discuss and exchange their research results, innovative ideas, and experiences to advance the field of Information Technology, Information Systems, and Electronic Engineering in the industrialized world. We all the committee would like to say welcome, and we hope this conference will give you valuable experience. We respectfully invite you to submit your latest research paper to the 4th ICOIACT 2021.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

TRACK 1 : Communication, Networking, and Broadcasting
  • Communication Systems and Communication Standards
  • Sensor Networks
  • Acoustic and Under Water Communication
  • Security and Authentication
  • Adhoc Networks and Wireless Networks
  • RFIDs and Applications
  • Vehicular Technology and Networks
  • Information Security and Network Security
  • Parallel and Distibuted Systems
  • Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System
  • Multimedia Information Processing and Retrieval
  • Telecommunication and Mobile Communication
TRACK 2 : Computing and Processing
  • Soft Computing, Fuzzy Logic and Artificial Neural Networks
  • Mathematical Modeling and Simulation
  • Data Mining, Web Technology and Ontology
  • Cloud Computing
  • Green Computing
  • Mobile Computing
  • Nanoelectronics and Quantum Computing
  • Big Data
  • Internet of Things
TRACK 3 : Information System
  • Business Intelligence
  • E-Business
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Graph Analytics
  • Real-time Big Data Analysis
  • Data Models for Big and Smart Data
  • Business Models for Big Data and Smart Data
  • Semantic Web Applications
  • Data and Information Quality
  • Information Extraction
  • Data Integration
  • Conceptualization, Notation, and Ontologies
  • Enterprise Modelling on Data and Information
  • Data Management for Analytics
  • Web Analytics
  • Statistics Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Data Modelling and Visualization
  • Data Structures and Data Management
  • City Data Management
  • Deep Learning and Big Data
  • Social Web Search and Mining
  • Big Data as a Service
TRACK 4 : Robotics & Internet of Things
  • Sensors
  • Embedded Systems Design
  • Hardware Implementation
  • Vehicular Technology
  • Simulation and Hardware Implementation Techniques
  • Robotics and Mecatronics
  • Control Systems
TRACK 5 : Signal Processing & Analysis
  • Image, Speech, and Signal Processing
  • Computer Vision
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Pattern Recognition